Glass City Training- Week 1 and 2

So this is where I get to geek out over all the details of each week. I failed to mention during my Marathon Decision post that I am so unbelievably stoked to have 2 or possibly 3 (ahem Allison) badass mamas as training partners for this Glass City adventure. My good friends Amy and Marcie are also running the Glass City full. While Amy is also a marathon rookie with numerous halfs under her belt, Marcie (who will officially be known as “Marathon Sensei” from here on out) is hoping for a BQ. We plan on doing many of our runs together and are all following Marathon Sensei’s custom 19 week plan (the first few weeks are without any sort of speedwork and are essentially just base building). So here it is, Week 1 and Week 2 #GlassCity26.2…

Week 1

Monday: 5 miles easy (8:38 )
Conditions: Outside AM, chilly
Fuel: None Thoughts: Thankful that Marcie has committed to joining me in my hood on Monday mornings. We both felt good and super excited to dive back into training.

Wednesday: 4 miles easy (8:20)
Conditions: Evening, cold
Fuel: None
Thoughts: Given my work schedule, I will likely have one evening solo run a week. I’ve gotta have at least one where it’s just me, my tunes and the pavement. I did take the puppy for a mile and a half. He’s so speedy! No headlamp needed as our route was completely led by Christmas lights.

Thursday: 5 miles easy (9:02)
Conditions: Outside AM, windy
Fuel: None
Thoughts: Amy and I kept it nice and easy as eventually Thursday morning will be our recovery run. I was a-OK with it as my legs were a little heavy.

Saturday: Long run 10 miles (8:40)
Conditions: Outside AM, nice and warm (shorts in Dec!)
Fuel: Cinnamon Raisin Bread with Sunbutter 2 hours before, 1 Honey Stinger Gel midway
Thoughts: We all felt great and explored a part of the O Trail we had never seen before. We only got lost a handful of times

Weekly Mileage: 24

Week 2

Monday: 5 miles easy (9:09)
Conditions: Outside AM, chilly
Fuel: None
Thoughts: Kept things super easy as Marcie had raced the day before. No complaints here as my ass was not stoked to get out of bed at 4:45!

Wednesday: 3 miles whatever (7:55)
Conditions: Outside PM, warm
Fuel: None
Thoughts: Love my runs with the puppy. Legs felt good and wanted to pick up the pace a bit so I let them. Used the Spotify feature to match the music to your cadence….loved it!

Thursday: Run fail, migraine kept me in bed. Zero miles for the day.

Saturday: Long run 12 miles (8:50)
Conditions: Outside AM, super cold
Fuel: Cinnamon Raisin Bread Sunbutter sandwich (my go to as of late), Honey Stinger gel at mile 7, NUUN in handheld (ugh I hate toting fluid but I need to get used to it for my longer runs).
Thoughts: I am so blessed to have so many amazing women who love to run as much as I do. The G Trail has easily become my favorite spot…pancake flat, straight and super scenic. We all had a great run and felt fabulous.

Sunday: Fastish 5 (7:47)
Conditions: Evening PM, warm
Fuel: None
Thoughts: Wanted to bank some miles after missing my Thursday run. Felt like speeding it up a bit and wanted to see what Rory could do. Needless to say mile one was a 7:18 and he wasn’t even winded. He’s already getting attached to running with me and will sit and whine at the door when I drop him off and head back out. I can’t wait until he can go the full distance. Gotta wait until those little puppy bones are all done growing!

Weekly Mileage: 25

All in all I’m pleased with how things have started out. I am definitely finding solace in the fact that I am not venturing on this journey alone and am surrounded by ladies with a wealth of knowledge and experience.



The Marathon Decision

I’ve been notorious for shooting down the “So, when you gonna run a marathon?” question routinely since I tied on my first pair of trusty Kinvaras. I’ve been vehemently anti-marathon since the get go and if you and I were to travel back in time to 2012 and ask my newbie runner self (who am I kidding, I’ve been running for barely 3 years, I’m still a newbie) if I would ever take the plunge and sign up for the enigmatic 26.2, I’d quickly change the subject or vehemently reply, “Nah, not my bag. I’ll stick with halfs.” To be honest, the thought of running for 4 hours made me want to vomit. There are plenty of things I could see myself doing for 4 hours (like HBO bingeing and finally finishing Season 2 of The Leftovers), running was not one of them.

Alas my friends, peer pressure is a bitch. This competitive spirit of mine? Turns out is also, a raging bitch. I mean, who are we kidding here, a hefty glass of Malbec may have also been involved in this decision.

Rewind to the start of the 2015 Fall training cycle. I was tossing around goals for the Columbus Half and settled on a 1:40. Mid way thru the training cycle I decided that if I met my goal in the Fall, I would entertain the idea of a full in the Spring. The fact that I was surrounded by Garmin wheeling marathon fanatics may have also played a slight role. Truth was, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I wanted a new challenge. I wasn’t and still am not quite sure my body has it in me. I mean, sure I can suffer thru a 26.2 and shuffle my way thru those last 6.2 miles like an eighty year old mall walker, but who wants that? I don’t. At the end of the day, for me, it all boils down to an innate desire and drive to push my body to a limit that every time I flirt with, seems to edge further and further away.

So here it goes. Lord help me. There is no turning back now #glasscity26.2