A secret …and a confession

 I have a secret to tell you. A secret that you may judge and ridicule me for. A secret that for some is an absolute monstrosity. A secret that you may or may not “get”.

You ready?

I cannot stand “fun runs”. I would go as far as saying I loathe these gimmicky, for profit exhibitions. I want no part of mud, foam, color, zombie or electric themed anything. I’m quite certain I would rather run 10 miles in 905 degrees clothed from head to toe in cotton than allow some undead joker chase me and rip flags off my body.

Yea, not fun. And don’t even get me started on the fact that you have to pay for such madness!

So needless to say when three of my very best non runner friends started talking about doing a color run I secretly cringed inside. Despite my personal convictions on the fun run subject, I had no intention of being the Debbie Downer of the group and smash their little color running dreams. So, I took one for the team, bought the damn Groupon, registered and virtually pencilled in my little fun run on to my Google calendar for June 8th. My expectations for this event were minimal at best….wait, not timed? What the hell does that mean? The fierce clock crushing competitor robot in me does not compute such data!

Ok, so ready for the confession?

We had an absolute BLAST!!!!!






We did the Color Mania 5K this weekend in Columbus and it really was the happiest 5K on the planet. I ran with three other girls who are not runners (yet!) but were totally gung ho on embracing the challenge of a 5K while having a blast doing it. I’m pretty sure the furthest J and M had gone prior to race morning was maybe 2 miles?? None of them were confident they could run the whole way. Secretly I made one and one goal only for that race…..keep these girls motivated, stick with them the whole way and don’t let them stop running!

Although they are not runners I knew that they all had been working out pretty regularly and had a solid enough base cardio wise (hello Jillian Michaels’s 30 Day Shred) to handle the 30+ minutes. I am so proud to report that they ALL ran the whole way, finished strong AND (tear!) are excited to sign up and run their next one!

Sigh, Mama is oh so proud!!


Welcome back summer!

Summer is officially here!! My absolute favorite time of the year. The Florida girl in me is jumping for joy these days. I love everything sun, flip flops, lazy days outside, cookouts, baseball, summer dresses and pool fun. I detest everything winter and am still reeling from our 50 degree Memorial Day weekend (you better make up for that shit Mother Earth).

Our weekend was full of lots of fun surrounded by these fabulous ladies…


and these crazy kids…


I still can’t believe my little boy is moving on to 2nd grade. He’s loving the later bedtimes and his first season of Coaches Pitch. Wet bathing suits and towels have already become staples on the bathroom floor.


But Jess, this is a running blog….what about all the sweat sessions you’ve endured the past few weeks?? How many miles have you logged in your Mizunos? Are you clocking a sub 8 minute pace yet? Are you foam rolling your IT band after every run, are you even stretching after your runs? You’re not refueling with Summer Shandy again, are you?

………(crickets chirping)…….

Did I forget to mention that although I love summer, I absolutely hate running in the heat? Combine that with an absolute loathing for the treadmill and your left with some pretty narrow windows of opportunity. I seriously need to work on my hydration issues because that right now is my biggest struggle. I feel like I get dehydrated very quickly even on super short runs and Nuuning it up during the day when I know I’m going to run after work. I don’t carry a water bottle and continuously end up in parks with chronically malfunctioning water fountains. Any nuggets of wisdom would be welcome!

Despite the heat I was able to run 3 whole times this week including 6 miles on Saturday, my longest run since the half. So much for base building…