Thursday Tunes

So, I’m pretty confident that Thursday Tunes will easily become one of my favorite regulars on the blog. Music nerd doesn’t even begin to sum it up. Without further adieu here are three music faves from this week.


Tonight prior to bath time, Maddie and I had our own mini dance party to Sara Bareilles’s new single Brave. Secret is out, I looooove Sara Bareilles. Her voice is one of my absolute favorites in pop music today. She’s a fantastic songwriter and completely owns the piano like a badass. She’s gorge, hilarious and swears like a sailor…my kind of gal. We love this song and the video is even more fun.


2. Ellie on BGT

I’m a huge Ellie fan.  Ever since I heard her on Skrillex’s track Summit, I was hooked. She is always doing these amazing covers that I just love, love that may be magnified slightly by the fact that she’s a pretty serious runner too. Exhibit A…


3. Modern Vampires

OK so this clip may be from a couple weeks ago but I had to share. Obsessed doesn’t even begin to describe my current relationship with this album. Easily my fave of the year so far. Kids go get your boat shoes and button downs.


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