I fail (v 2.0)

Remember that pinky promise to maintain the blog? Shit.

In my defense, my lack of time and or willingness to post in the last four months was directly related to two small adorable little beings that seriously syphon the energy directly from my being on a regular basis, a whirlwind holiday season, and a heinous IT band injury that left me completely unable to run for three whole months. Not only am I a pinky promise breaking asshole, but an out of shape one as well.

Yesterday a beautiful thing happened. I got to race for the first time since the hilly 10K that destroyed my IT band in September.

The kick off event for the Ross Tri Fit Challenge, the Ross Heart Hospital 5K.


This was a special one since I work there and all.

The cardio party was had with some fantastic girls at work and of course my most favorite racing buddy of all, the little Grubbs.

It was freezing, a whopping 25ish degrees but it was sunny and sans wind chill.

The race was around and about Easton Town Center, our fabulous indoor/outdoor mall.  Nice and flat….not exactly scenic. Don’t get me wrong, the sites of Nordstrom, Crate & Barrell, Homage, and Trader Joes are just as adrenaline pumping….but not exactly my idea of scenetastic racing fare.

We hung out with Brutus at an awesome brunch after the race.


Guess what else? I PRed!!!

25:02…pretty proud of that time, especially with my little hiatus.

And of course I must add a pic of the littles!!!