I fail.

Slight fail with keeping the blog current the past couple months. Here are some highlights from the past couple months in La Casa de Chapman…

  • Summertime is a whole heck of a lotta birthday time for us. Mom is now one year closer to being 60 (love you mom). Jake is a big 6 years old. I turned 30 (still gives me heart paplpitations everytime I say that out loud).  A few dear friends also celebrated birthdays along with my amazing godmother and goddaughter. Still to go we’ve got my dad’s at the end of this week and brother Jon the following week. Needless to say we’ve been partying like rockstars and hammering a ton of cake and ice cream.


Happy Birthday Mom! How young and fabulous does she look?!

Bidding my 20s adieu…I’m secretly crying inside.

He’s all like, “Mom seriously? I’m listening to my favorite Justin Bieber jam.”

This is what 18 years of friendship looks like!

This is how we celebrate Mandy’s birthday….tattoo party!

We love you Sara but you’re so old!!


  • Jake started 1st grade at Worthington Park. It is a new school for him this year and HE is super excited that his best buddy Aiden from down the street is in his class. His teacher is Mr. Woerner and so far he’s been fantastic. We have had nothing but positive experiences with Worthington so far. The administration, teachers, CareAfter program, everything has been absolutely amazing. We are confident that moving him out of St. Mike’s to Park was the right decision for him. He’s doing Cub Scouts and has started his first season of soccer with Worthington Youth Boosters. Hello crazy hectic schedule, I’ve missed you so!

My handsome first grader!

  • Madeline is still a little bundle of drama. She’s moved on to Miss Heather’s preschool class at Goddard and is doing well. Everyone at that school absolutely adores her. She’s a feisty little thing with a fantastic sense of humor. These days she’s rarely seen without some sort of princess costume attire.

How big do my muscles look?

  • Grandma is here and all moved in! Literally one street away from my mom’s. Of course the circumstances that brought her here are awful and there is not one day that passes that I don’t miss grandpa terribly, yet seeing the look on her face when she opens the door for an unexpected visit from her great-grandchildren is pretty amazing.

To greatgrandma’s house we go.

  • Rob is still working his butt off doing the whole two job thing (countdown to saying farewell to BJs in 3 months). He fights for the absolute best for his family and I am so blessed to have him. Currently he’s a little salty that I kicked his butt in week one of fantasy football….Team JazzHands will dominate!

We love Daddy!

  • I’m still running….running a lot….well, a lot for me. I’m at about 20-25 miles a week now. Keep in mind as of March, I struggled to run a mile without stopping. I’ve been pushing myself and am getting closer and closer to 10K race day. T-3 days to Pittsburgh Great Race to be exact. I know I can race the distance. I want to race it fast (for me) and smart. I also kind of want to beat my brother-in-law’s pants off.  I may be a bit heated if I don’t finish first….ok a lot heated. The adjusted goal for the race is 55:00.  Given the fact that this is my first 10K, I’m cool with anything under a hour, however I’m pretty confident I can hit 55:00. What’s even more amazing than all of the running I’m doing is the fact that Jake won first place in the Tot Trot at the Be the Match 5K! I know, I know, it’s a fun run…they’re kids…they’re are all winners…bla bla…truth be told Jake smoked it andwe we’re so proud of him. Future Ryan Hall on our hands??

My speedy little boy!


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