Jacob Philip

Today is a very special day in the Chapman house. Today is Jacob’s 6th birthday. I absolutely cannot believe my little guy is six years old and that in a few short weeks he will be starting first grade!

Flashback to my sweet little peanut.

Words cannot even describe the amount of pride I have for the little man he has become. The amount of spirit and heart he holds within is unequivocal. He is a sensitive soul with an amazing amount of care and concern for all around. He’s a tremendously loyal friend and brother. He has a boundless amount of energy that is spent mostly by laughing, riding bikes, jumping on his buddy’s trampoline, swimming, playing baseball, and running around the street clad in a Darth Vader costume challenging anyone who comes along to a light saber battle. A social butterfly like his father, he will befriend any and everyone. My dreams for Jake are that he will learn that the sky is the limit, the power to excel lies within, the importance of loving unconditionally, and to treat all with unbridled kindness and respect.

I love you so my sweet little boy!!

****Clearly this was written on Jake’s birthday Aug 8th. I never published it…oops!


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