Happy 4th of July!!

The 4th of July was always one of my most favorite holidays as a kid. Growing up in South Florida, we spent many of them camping at River Ranch with our family.  The steamy days were filled with watermelon eating contests, horseback riding, ceramic painting, or splashing in the pool. Our summer nights brimming with nighttime bike rides, firefly catching, and marshmallow roasting campfires.

The amazing firework show featured as our summer excursion’s grand finale.  Up later then we were ever allowed to, we sat on our blankets armed with glow sticks and light bracelets staring at the summer sky freckled with stars  eager with anticipation. I’ll never forget the year mom screamed out “A Ninja Turtle!!!!!” as this brilliant green figure lit up the sky.  Apparently the similarities between a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and the Statue of Liberty are endless. Who wouldn’t attribute Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, or Michaelangelo to America’s freedom and independence?

Although we have yet to take our children camping, it’s certainly on the list very soon. Some of my very favorite childhood memories were centered around time spend at a campground.

Even though our 4th festivities were fairly mild this year, the kids still managed to have a lot of fun with a hefty dose of fireworks. We are lucky enough to utilize Rob’s office downtown for prime Red White & Boom viewing off the Columbus Commons. The tie dye army that we brought with us had a blast riding the carousel, jamming out with the band, and perfecting their gymnastic moves  in the huge open green space. We headed up for 10th floor viewing once the fireworks started. Despite the fact that our view was a little cut off, the kids had a blast and enjoyed every minute.



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