KidSmiles 5K-Glacier Ridge

Saturday  was Race Day #2! It was such an amazing day. We had so much fun and I was thrilled to be running with not only my speedy sister Carly but my Mom too!!

KidSmiles is a fantastic organization founded by my sister’s orthodontist, Dr. Homon. The organization provides free dental care for uninsured children and low-income families in central Ohio. They are opening their first KidSmiles clinic in September, all staffed by volunteer dental professionals. My amazing mom will be one of those part-time volunteers. Needless to say we were all super pumped to race for such a great cause.

The alarm was set for 7am with no snooze options included. The race started at 9am but we still had to make it in time to get our packets. After my Starbucks Doubleshot , Luna bar, OJ, and bathroom stop we were ready to hit the road. We had some very special cheerleaders in tow for this race. My aunt and uncle from Florida were in town for a short visit and coming to support us!

The race was at the fantastic Glacier Ridge Metro Park in Dublin. This was a smaller event….maybe 250 runners, but let me say the KidSmiles team put on a fantastic show! Free stuff galore….I mean come on dreams are made of a Tim Hortons truck doling out free Iced Capps and smoothies. Stinger the Columbus Blue Jackets’s mascot was there and of course my dear drama queen went batshit crazy. She trembled suction cupped to her daddy’s leg for about the first 30 minutes. Luckily she eventually got over it and was able to function normally accompanied by frozen lemonade and hot pink kazoo lips.

My goal for this race was to finish around the 28 mark. Unfortunately I had gotten a nasty cold the past couple days and was worried I was going to feel a little sluggish. The atmosphere of the event and all my little cheerleaders helped a ton. We were ready to race!!

My sister ran with me the whole time during the last 5K. This time I didn’t want to hold her back so we ran on our own. I’m not quite ready for an 8 minute pace. I hung back with my mom who already knew she was going to walk-run it.

The race started and I jogged with my mom all of 10 seconds. The insane competitor in me was going crazy and I darted ahead and on my own with her blessing.  The first 1.5 mi was tough. Although it was early it was hot and the majority of the course was in an open field with zero shade. The sun was just beating down on us. After the first half I picked it up a bit and was able to keep a pretty steady pace. I tried to focus on relaxing my upper body and just putting one foot in front of the other. I could see Carly about 30 seconds ahead of me..I tried to catch up to her but that didn’t happen.

Our cheering squad was stationed at the final bend and the support was incredible. High fives galore as I pushed to the end.

I cruised thru the finish line at 28:03 (9:00 pace). Goal accomplished! I was so excited, shaved 2:30 off my time. Carly finished around 27:30. She later confessed that she thought that the course was awful. My rookie ass didn’t have much to compare it to . We both met up with the fam to cheer mom on to the finish.  As we saw her round the final stretch she was walking. As soon as she saw her cheering section she started running again and made it all the way across the finish for a 39:00 finish. I swear she was skipping.

And who would have thought…

Mom placed 3rd in her age group!!!! How awesome is that?! We all three had such a great time and were so excited to run a 5K together….mom’s first since she was pregnant with me! Here’s to many many more family runs…


Let’s talk about my 5am run…

You heard correctly….5am run. Words can’t express how proud of myself I am….however given the fact that we are living in the blogosphere…I shall do my best to articulate.


Let me back it up a little bit….


I have a new passion…a passion that is completely novel (for me), challenging, exciting, and quickly taking over my life. ..


No it’s not Pinterest…


That my dear friends is RUNNING. It all started in March when I decided that I was feeling bored and unambitious and was searching for a short term goal to work towards. You know, since it’s clearly not enough to work a full-time job, raise two small children, manage a household where the hubs works two jobs, and all that jazz…..

The end result was me hitting the Register Now button for a 5K in May with my super speedy sister Carly and dear friend Sara. Now I must confess that although I attempted (and by attempted I mean completely half-assed) to train for this event,  I was completely starting from scratch (ie. back in the day even thinking about running more than one mile made my knees hurt) and given our crazy schedule, finding it very difficult to squeeze in the miles under my feet. I used the trusty Couchto5K program and initially started on the treadmill given the fact that it was still chilly (April in Ohio) and running after the kids were asleep (pitch dark…not really interested in running with a weapon). I quickly learned that I could not stand running on the treadmill, so time on there was very very limited. Once May rolled around I was able to move things outside and from there committed to running at 7pm 3-4x/week. My mileage was very small and before my 5K I ran a very huffy puffy 3 miles only once. My goal was to run the entire time and to finish in about 30 mintes….but more on that later. Let’s talk about my 5am run.

Let me preface this by admitting to the fact that I am NOT a morning person. I’m a chronic snooze button smasher and normally wake up in a panic realizing I have 20 minutes to get three people ready and out the door. I am pretty much running late for everything at all every aspect of my life. I am certainly not proud of this particular quality…but hey at least I’m completely and 100% upfront about it. I’ve been reading quite a few “healthy living” type blogs lately…a lot of them running themed. There are a ton of runners that rave about morning runs. There’s something pretty badass about waking up way before anyone else in the neighborhood and getting some miles under your feet. Pre 5am run Jess would have adamantly disagreed….post 5am run Jess is pretty certain they’re on to something….

My alarm went off at 5 on the dot and I was oh so ready. I slapped on my running gear and took a quick peak outside. It was a little too dark for my taste so I wasted time for a half hour. At 530 the light was finally peaking beyond the horizon enough to get moving. The weather was perfect (a glorious 72 degrees) and the birds cheered me on. I really wanted to snap a picture on my phone for a dynamic illustration, but then I remembered I live in the suburbs and my little track around Lazelle Woods Park was hardly Central Park. It was a very short run as I’m running my second 5K on Saturday and per my training schedule, I was only to run 2 miles. It was a very comfortable 2 miles and I clocked in at 19:21 (9:41 pace)…fine with me!  My legs felt great and the amount of energy I had at the hour shocked me. It was pretty exhilirating having the whole track to myself…ok maybe not completely by myself…there was ONE other runner…you go random dedicated running man. ..I really wanted to go high five him…


So who knows, maybe there will be some more 5am runs in the near future….