“Mooooommmmm, Jacob’s booger is looking at me!!!!”-Madeline

Well over a year since I last posted. Blogging is always on my list of to-dos, however the length and extent of said to-do list is why I never get around to it. My goal is monthly….mighty ambitious after a 14 month hiatus, but it’s worth a shot…


I can hardly believe that Jacob is about to end his first year of Kindergarten. He is in Mrs. Thompson’s class at St. Michael’s in Worthington. The year has been a whirlwind and I am blown away at how much he has learned these past 7 months. To see him actually reading on his own just astounds me. Along with his progress comes an enhanced interest in books in general which is exciting since he was never a toddler or preschooler that would sit down for book after book. Jake was always on the go…and still is. Jake is doing well in K but as we all know he’s a talker and this has caused some issues throughout the year. He’s a goofer, typical rambunctious boy, and of course he is still 5….something that I continuously remind myself. Jake will be starting TBall in May, something that he is super excited about.

Maddie is doing fantastic at Goddard. She’s currently with Ms Crystal and Ms. Renee in the pre-school room, both teachers adore Maddie. Our little girl has come out of her shell quite a bit over thas past 9 months, yet we still get plenty of comments of how quiet and reserved she is. She’s warmed up to all the neighbors and enjoys playing with all the girls on the street. She’s turning into quite the bossy pants these days. Terrifying for me her personality each day resembles mine more and more. We enrolled Maddie in her first ballet class with McKenna and Addison at the Lazelle Rec Center over the winter. She absolutely loves it and I can tell this is just the beginning……

Please disregard the abrupt ending….children are currently freaking out.



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